Access Data

The SCAP-T Data Portal provides a user-friendly interface for authenticated users to explore SCAP-T project data which is archived at dbGaP. Users can then identify samples and files they would like to download. SCAP-T data portal is based on the ADSP Data Portal, a collaboration between NCBI dbGaP/SRA and NIAGADS

In order to access the SCAP-T data you will need dbGaP authorized access to SCAP-T study. The following is an overview of the steps required to submit an application for the SCAP-T data:

1.    All applications need to be submitted to dbGaP through the dbGaP Authorized Access web page. For instructions on how to request dbGaP data please view the dbGaP Request Procedures (PDF). Please log in using your eRA Commons account (NIH intramural investigators should use their NIH login) and enter your application.

2.    The dbGaP dataset ID for SCAP-T is phs000833.v3.p1. Click here to go to our project website on dbGaP.

3.    Once you are granted access to SCAP-T study you can log in to the SCAP-T Data Portal by authenticating via your eRA commons login.  




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